Flavorchem The Coffeehouse Collection

Flavorchem & Orchidia Fragrances Brand

Flavorchem The Coffeehouse Collection features five signature flavors specifically crafted for coffee, simple syrups, plant milks, and more. These versatile signature flavors can be customized and fine-tuned to enhance a broad spectrum of food and beverage applications. The flavor profiles span from nostalgic blends to the sweet and floral notes of rose, offering a diverse range of options for creating delightful taste experiences.

  • Flavorchem Cake Batter Type Fl, NAT (06.2011)
  • Flavorchem Chocolate Whiskey Type Flavor NAT (17.4030)
  • Flavorchem Strawberries & Cream Type Flavor NAT (87.6092)
  • Flavorchem London Fog Type Fl, Natural (Earl Gray) (89.3155)
  • Flavorchem Raspberry Rose Flavor Natural WONF (78.8713)
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