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Flavorchem Natural Flavouring Spice Mix For Pumpkin (UFO6575)

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Flavorchem Natural Flavouring Spice Mix For Pumpkin (UFO6575) is a premium-quality flavoring agent carefully formulated for the food industry. It is presented as a clear liquid, providing a fresh pumpkin spice flavor profile. Crafted solely from natural ingredients, this flavoring guarantees a superior and authentic taste sensation across a wide range of food applications.


End UsesFlavors

Labeling ClaimsNatural

Technical Data Sheet

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Enhanced TDS

Identification & Functionality

Food Ingredients Functions

Features & Benefits

Labeling Claims

Applications & Uses

Food & Nutrition Applications
Use Level
1 g/kg (General)


Physical Form
Clear liquid
Spicy, fresh
Physical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Density (D20/4)1.034 – 1.054g/cm³
Refractive Index (n20/D)1.434 – 1.444
Flash Pointmin. 91°C

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type
Regional Availability
  • Europe
Packaging Information

10 kg PE can.

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
360 days
Storage Conditions

Store in a cool and dry place in original cloosed packaging. (18-24 °C)