Hand Soap

Flavorchem & Orchidia Fragrances Brand

Hand Soap is an aromatherapy collection of elegant fragrances featuring essential oils with mood-boosting qualities.

  • Geranium Comfort (ORC2002404)
  • Geranium Comfort (LC) (ORC2002400)
  • Ginger Zest (ORC2100306)
  • Ginger Zest (LC) (ORC2100290)
  • Apple Blossom (ORC2001163)
  • Cherry Blossom (LC) (ORC2001466)
  • Osmanthus Verbena (ORC2100020)
  • Osmanthus Verbena (LC) (ORC2100103)
  • Gentle Breeze (ORC2100094)
  • Gentle Breeze (LC) (ORC2100095)
  • Lavender Fields (ORC2100308)
  • Lavender Fields (LC) (ORC2100293)
  • Brown Sugar Brûlée (ORC2100307)
  • Brown Sugar Brûlée (LC) (ORC2100295)
  • Yuzu Vanilla (ORC2002445)
  • Yuzu Vanilla (LC) (ORC2002446)
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