Orchidia Fragrances Smoke & Ritual Fragrance (Candle) (ORC2302633)

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Orchidia Fragrances Smoke & Ritual Fragrance (Candle) (ORC2302633) is a candle fragrance that boasts a clear pale yellow to yellow appearance and features an enticing blend of organoleptic properties including woody, herbal, and musky notes. Maintaining a liquid state and insolubility in water, it promises to impart a rich and evocative olfactory experience, perfect for candle applications.


End UsesCandle

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Identification & Functionality

Cleaning Ingredients Functions

Applications & Uses

Home Care Applications


Insoluble in
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Flash Pointmin. 200°FClosed Cup
Specific Gravity (at 25°C)0.903 - 1.003METTLER30PX
Refractive Index (at 20°C)1.4751 - 1.4811KRUSSDR30195

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
12 Months
Recommended Storage Conditions

Store/ship in a closed container in a dry place away from direct sunlight at 60-85 °F.