Orchidia Fragrances Lemon Fragrance (ORC1300069)

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Flavorchem & Orchidia Fragrances Lemon Fragrance (ORC1300069) is a naturally-derived fragrance, that balances artistry and science to provide an economical solution for a variety of customer needs. This fine fragrance finds use in bath and body, hair, skin, lip products as well as odor-masking household cleaners.

Fragrance FamilyCitrus

Olfactory NotesCitrus, Sweet

ApplicationsBalm, Leave On, Lotions, Rinse Off, Roll On, Spray, Wipes

End UsesAir Freshener, Body Sprays, Candle, Cleaning Wipes, Cologne, Dishwash Bar, Fabric Softeners, Fragrances & Perfumes, Hair Conditioner, Hair Mist, Hand Sanitizers, Hand Soap, Household Cleaners, Incense, Laundry Detergents, Lip Care Products, Multisurface Cleaners, Perfume, Shampoos & Rinses

Labeling ClaimsNaturally Derived

Certifications & ComplianceEU Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009 Compliant, IFRA Compliant

Technical Data Sheet

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Enhanced TDS

Identification & Functionality

Fragrance Family
Cleaning Ingredients Functions
Cosmetic Ingredients Functions

Features & Benefits

Labeling Claims
HII Features
  • Access to extensive list of fragrance raw materials
  • Application & fragrance infusion expertise
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Custom fragrance development & duplication
  • Develop fragrances that meet EPA Safer Choice and ECOCERT standards
  • EPA-registered formulas
  • Formulation for various product applications
  • Fragrance stability testing for optimized performance
  • Hot & cold throw candle performance
  • In-depth formulation expertise
  • Malodor neutralizers
  • Market & consumer insights to support your brand and for new product ideation
  • Meet guidelines established by US & Europe
  • Regulatory expertise to support customer trending market claims and to meet industry requirements
  • Sensory & triangle test performance
  • Stability testing for optimized performance
  • Stable solutions for pH sensitive products
  • Troubleshooting discoloration & weeping

Applications & Uses

Color Cosmetic Applications
Fragrances & Perfume Applications
I&I Cleaning Applications
Personal Hygiene Applications


Physical Form
Clear liquid
Insoluble in
Analytical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Density (D20/4)0.9518 – 0.9718g/cm³MU-V-01-70
Refractive Index (n20/D)1.5066 - 1.5166MU-V-03-30
Flash Point79°CMU-V-02-30
Physical-Sensorial Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Fragrance ProfileCitrus, sweet

Regulatory & Compliance

Packaging & Availability

Regional Availability
  • Europe
Packaging Information

20 kg

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
360 days
Storage Conditions

Store/ship in a closed container in a dry place away from direct sunlight at 15-30°C.