Rustic Charm

Flavorchem & Orchidia Fragrances Brand

Rustic Charm is also known as Farmhouse décor. It is one of the top home design trends of the year. Loved for its warmth and functional appeal, this streamlined style reminds consumers of a more idyllic time. Perfumers interpreted the trend through a collection of fragrances that capture the comfort and simplicity of country living.

  • Citrus & Sea Salt (ORC1901408)
  • Morning Dew (ORC1901446)
  • Antique Oak (ORC1501735)
  • Peach Tea (ORC1901437)
  • Wildflowers (ORC1901407)
  • Sweet Almond Milk (ORC1901448)
  • Poplar Tree (ORC1901396)
  • Powder Puff (ORC1901402)
  • Flannel Sheets (ORC1901465)
  • Strawberry Shortcake (ORC1901427)
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